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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 18, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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the national guard is on its way to ferguson, missouri, after another night of violent clashes between police and protesters. >> we had to act to protect lives and property. ebola emergency. new fears the outbreak could widen after a treatment center is looted and suspected patients flee. and the ice bucket challenge picks up steam. how the viral online dare is & changing the game for charitable organizations. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, august 18th, 2014. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm lauren lister in for anne-marie green. this morning the national guard is being called in to restore
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peace to ferguson, missouri, following another night of what's described as pre-planned deliberate violence. police used tear gas to break up an unruly crowd protesting the shooting death of black teenager michael brown. the trouble started with a shooting some three hours before a curfew was due to take effect. police say protesters fired on police, used molotov cocktails, and vandalized numerous stores. "the new york times" is reporting a private autopsy found michael brown was shot at least six times including twice in the head. the autopsy was performed by dr. michael baden, former medical examiner for new york city. baden tells the paper one bullet entered the top of brown's head, suggesting his head was bent forward. the bullets did not appear to have been shot from close range. susan mcginnis is in ferguson. susan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. we're at a police staging area
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in ferguson. right now it appears mostly calm on the streets here. earlier today, though, it was a day of peaceful protests again interrupted by violence. police officers in riot gear ordered people off the streets of ferguson overnight as a second night of a mandatory midnight curfew went into effect. just hours before, authorities fired tear gas into a crowd as protesters hurled rocks in their direction. >> molotov cocktails were thrown. there were shootings, looting, vandalism and other acts of violence. we had to act to protect lives and property. >> reporter: resident keith smith said he was in the middle of the chaos. >> my eyes were burning. i couldn't see. i couldn't really breathe. >> reporter: many people here in ferguson remain angry at the officer responsible for using deadly force when they believe brown was surrendering. ferguson police maintain brown attacked the officer in his car and tried to take his weapon.
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as a sign of growing federal involvement, the justice department says it will conduct its own autopsy on brown's body as soon as possible. because of the unrest, all schools in the ferguson school district will be closed today. now, on sunday at a memorial service, captain ron johnson, he is the head of the highway patrol here now in charge of security here, he spoke and he apologized to the brown family. then at a press conference just a short while ago, he spoke again talking about a day that started with unity and prayers and then took a different turn at night. lauren? >> susan mcginnis in ferguson, missouri. susan, thanks. and president obama is back in washington where he'll be briefed on the tensions in ferguson as well as other issues. the president returned to washington last night, a break from his vacation in martha's vineyard. he'll meet with vice president biden and others before resuming his vacation again tomorrow. overseas, the u.s. has upped the ante against islamic
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extremists in iraq. land-based bombers have been used to attack militants near the strategic mosul dam. in a letter to congress explaining the expanded air campaign, president obama said failure of the dam could threaten u.s. interests. as charlie d'agata reports, kurdish fighters are moving to retake that dam. >> reporter: it may be too early for kurdish soldiers to celebrate, but just beyond this lake they say they've taken back part of the dam. the gains came with unprecedented help from the u.s. military. officials said two dozen air strikes were conducted on suspected isis targets from a combination of bombers, fighter jets and drones. emboldened by american air power, kurdish soldiers known as the peshmerga have gone on the offensive. they took us to the new front lines separating isis and the kurdish capital. lieutenant general ali told us isis fighters were less than a
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half mile away, and they're a moving target. >> because they're moving like guerrilla moving from there to there. >> get down! >> reporter: we soon learned how close that was as mortar fire exploded around us. the position is on the outski outskirts, the closest the extremist group has been to the kurdish capital of erbil. a week ago this town was empty of its residents and instead full of isis militants. that was before kurdish forces succeeded in pushing them out. now these former refugees are back home. shabab escaped with his wife and seven children when isis overran the town. what is it like to be back home? "i'm really happy to be home," he told us, "but there's no water. part of the town has no electricity." and although isis may have been pushed back for now, everyone here knows they're not far away.
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and the danger around the dam is not over yet. kurdish officials say isis militants have booby trapped buildings and roads with land mines and homemade bombs, slowing down the advance of peshmerga fighters. charlie d'agata, cbs news, erbil, northern iraq. at least 60 people are hurt after a major earthquake strikes iran. the u.s. geological service says the 6.3 magnitude quake was centered in western iran. iran's state news agency says water, electricity and phone lines in the city of abdanan have been cut. aftershocks could be felt in three iranian provinces. this morning liberian officials fear the ebola virus may spread following a raid on a center that was treating victims in the capital, monrovia. up to 30 patients fled the center and infected materials
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were looted. debra pata reports. >> reporter: the fear of the deadly ebola virus turned ugly in liberia as an angry mob raided a treatment center in the largest slum in the capital of monrovia. the mob forced open an isolation ward chanting "no ebola" in west point and looted the clinic. the moving contaminated medical items, instruments and soiled bedding. it's believed as many as 29 patients fled the treatment center, and their whereabouts are unknown. doctors without borders have likened the ebola outbreak in west africa to war and say it is deteriorating faster than they can respond to. aiding the spread of the virus in the region are dysfunctional health systems and a desperate shortage of trained health workers. treatment centers are filling up faster than they can be provided. here a classroom has been turned into a makeshift isolation unit. a sick child lies on a mattress. this woman cries for help after
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her husband collapsed. this man's body was dumped in the street and left there for two days. doctors without borders are building two new treatment centers in monrovia, but emergency coordinator linda says it is not enough. >> neither of these two units will be sufficient to cover for the need to isolate and care for the patients. >> reporter: already the death toll is well over 1,000, and the number of cases nearly 2,000. the world health organization is scaling up its international response, saying extraordinary measures are needed to contain the virus. health officials say it could continue for another six months. debra pata, cbs news, johannesburg, south africa. texas governor rick perry said if he had to do it again, he'd make the same decision. perry was talking about a veto he made that led to his indictment on charges he abused his power. perry, a republican, was indicted following his efforts
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to get an austin prosecutor, rosemary lehmberg, a democrat, to step down. he threatened to withhold state funding for her office. perry said he took the action after her arrest on drunk driving charges. >> this is not the way that we settle differences, political differences, in this country. you don't do it with indictments. we settle our political differences at the ballot box. >> perry can continue to serve as governor while under indictment. he is the first sitting texas governor to be indicted since 1917. coming up the "morning news," deadly train collision. a head-on crash forces hundreds of evacuations in arkansas. and we'll go back live to ferguson, missouri, following another night of violent protests. this is the "cbs morning news." with psoriatic arthritis, i had intense joint pain that got worse and worse. then my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel.
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stock exchange with that and more. >> reporter: good morning. the federal reserve is expected to be patient. that's says what many analysts believe fed chair janet yellen will announce this week. she'll be speaking at a meeting in jackson hole, wyoming, on friday. economists say the fed will keep an eye on the unemployment rate before changing policy. investors this morning are looking for a repeat performance on wall street. there were gains across the board last week. the dow added 109 points. the nasdaq gained 93, and the s&p finished up 23 points. wireless company sprint is looking to attract more customers with lower prices. the nation's third largest wireless carrier is expected to announce new pricing plans this week. those could include cheaper prices and more data. it is an initiative from sprint's new ceo. and turtle power reigned supreme at the box office again this week. "teenage mutant ninja turtles" topped the box office in its second week on the screen, bringing in more than $28
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million. marvel's "guardians of the galaxy" had a successful second week with nearly $25 million. rounding out the top three is the new comedy "let's be cops" with nearly $18 million. lauren? >> jill wagner at the knock stock exchange, jill, thank you. straight ahead, your monday morning weather. and the ice bucket challenge keeps rolling along as a charity sees the money rolling in. but is it too much of a good thing? shoes should feel nice. so why do they of? grrr... ooh! it's time to tame the shoe with dreamwalk ultra-slim insoles... grrr... so you can wear the shoes you're in the mood for... ...without them changing your mood. dreamwalk by dr. scholl's. ♪ oats go! wow! go power oats! go! go power! yayyyy!
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can happen instantly. vagisil max strength anti-itch wipes relieve itch and odor instantly as they cleanse. so why wait to feel comfortable? trust vagisil. the number one wipe for itch. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. rocker jon bon jovi is the latest celebrity to take a cold shower in the name of charity.
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>> ah! >> new jersey governor chris christie and patriots' owner bob kraft helped soak bon jovi for the ice bucket challenge. the viral stunt raises money for als charities. people douse themselves in ice water. while many take a cold shower, don dahler reports some charities feel they're getting a cold shoulder. >> reporter: the phenomenon reached a crescendo this week. as celebrities and noncelebrities endured a bucket of icy water for a good cause. the fad started last june among professional golfers to encourage fans to contribute to their favorite charities. but the als association has become the main recipient of the challenge's donations. over $13 million have been pledged so far to fight als, also called lou gehrig's disease. almost eight times what the charity received by this date last year.
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the association's ceo, barbara newhouse. >> i've been in the nonprofit world for some 38 years, and i've never seen anything like this. never. >> reporter: newhouse says this is changing the way charities look at fund-raising. >> the light bulb's gone off for all of us. >> j.t. here. >> reporter: from justin timberlake to the kennedy clan, celebrities have signed on to the virtual chain letter. some critics say the trend is more about self-promotion than generosity with participants trying to one-up each other not only in donations but originality. other charities complain the challenge is taking donations away from them. >> if they were placed in the position that we've been placed in, they would probably be reacting and handling the situation very much as we are. >> hey, i'm taylor. >> reporter: meanwhile, the ice bucket challenge shows no signs of cooling off. >> oh, dear god, we're going to do this. >> reporter: don dahler, cbs news, new york.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. here's another look at this morning's top story. the national guard is being deployed in ferguson, missouri, to restore order following another night of violence. governor jay nixon called the violence deliberate and coordinated. a private autopsy found meanwhile that michael brown was shot at least six times. "the new york times" says brown was shot twice in the head and four times in the right arm. susan mcginnis is in ferguson
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this morning. hi, susan. >> reporter: hi. good morning again, lauren. it is quiet right now in ferguson, but that was not the case earlier tonight. the trouble started hours before a midnight curfew was taking effect. police say the violence was sparked by a shooting. the protesters clashed with rioters. they say that molotov cocktails were thrown. police say they were shot at. stores were apparently vandalized. the violence is described as premeditated criminal acts, an indication that the rioters may be becoming better organized. police say they had no choice but to act to protect lives of citizens here as well as property. also as a precaution, schools here in ferguson, the whole ferguson school district, will be closed for today. so once again, lauren, violence here in ferguson following a day of peaceful protests. >> all right, susan, thanks for that. she's in ferguson, missouri. and coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on federal involvement in the ferguson shooting investigation. i'm lauren lyster.
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pope francis wants north and south korea to end the tension. that was his message as he wrapped up a five-day trip to asia. before he left seoul yesterday, he celebrated a mass of reconciliation. he challenged koreans to reject a mindset of suspicion and confrontation. instead francis told them to find ways to forge peace on the peninsula. back home, many big-city zoos are fighting to attract a steady stream of visitors. the answer may be a mix of zoology and showmanship. anne-marie green reports. >> reporter: it's a 20th century attraction trying to keep the attention of a 21st century crowd. they arrive smartphones and tablets in hand. so what's better than high definition? how about high drama.
4:26 am
>> we're at big cat crossing. it's the newest part of our zoo trail system. >> reporter: with shrinking budgets and more competition for your entertainment dollars, zoos around the country have been trying to make the experience more exciting. is this what happens to the crowd typically? >> this is what happens with the crowd. everybody is just fascinated seeing tigers in this completely new way. >> reporter: zoo 360 is a series of overhead walkways at the philadelphia zoo that allow animals to stroll out of their enclosures high above other animals like us. andy baker is the philadelphia zoo's coo. >> the whole idea of zoo 360, our trail system is really reinventing the way animals experience the zoo, but connecting areas together, just creating a huge opportunity for their behavior allen gaugement in a much wider array of sensory experiences. >> reporter: not an understatement. any issue with the call of nature over this bridge here? >> so far that really hasn't happened at all. but if it did happen, it's a
4:27 am
gentle mist. it's actually good for your complexion. >> reporter: there are two other walkways for orangutans and smaller primates. but the plan is to keep building until a number of animals can crisscross the entire complex. we could ultimately see a giraffe start here and end up on the other side of the zoo. there are similar projects under way at zoos in jacksonville and denver, but philadelphia's is the most comprehensive. the big cat crossing cost $2.5 million. zookeeper says her big cats seem happier. are you seeing healthier cats? >> we're seeing more energized cats. so more interested cats, more engaged cats, engaged with the guests. >> reporter: and the guests seem equally engaged. though many still haven't put down their gadgets, at least now they're looking up from them. anne-marie green, cbs news, philadelphia. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," an update on the michael brown shooting investigation, and we'll go to the white house for
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a look at the federal government's involvement. plus, the controversial sultan of brunei may be the next owner of an iconic hotel in new york city. and we'll meet a teenager who's making it big with his own tech start-up. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm lauren lyster. have a great day.
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. >> unrest begins in herring son, misuse i, national guards to restore order, more on that story in just a moment. today is monday august the 18th, 2014, good morning, everyone, i'm natasha brown in for ukee. >> i'm erika von tiehl. beaten in broad daylight, someone videotaping it. update on the investigation ahead. >> the talk of the town, heroic come-back for our taney dragons, they advance at the little league world series, we'll hear from them straight ahead. >> first, though, breaking news, the governor of missouri has activated the national guard to help restore peace and order in ferguson. >> follows another night of violent clashes between protesters and


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